The last thing any business wants is for customers to receive bad products or services. That’s why it’s vital that we understand where problems can occur and how best to work through them. This is the primary reason why taking a Root Cause Analysis approach to problem solving is key to ensuring that problems are indeed solved, and do not reoccur in the future.

Sometimes taking a step back from the problem, rather than rushing to find a quick fix, allows you to find a resolution to the problem in a way that will ensure it doesn’t resurface in the future. In my experience, the best method for finding these root causes is ‘The 5 Whys of Root Cause Analysis’, which is part of the Lean thinking approach that many successful organizations promote today.

This approach has resulted in many organizations achieving results that were once thought to be impossible.

Digging deeper into underlying issues often results in taking steps to prevent the problem from getting worse. Once you’ve gone beyond the obvious, you’ll be able to determine the real issue and develop a lasting solution that will better serve the needs of your business and your customers.