Interim Leadership

In this video, Larry Rosborough, President of SSI Consulting Solutions, discusses the benefits of utilizing an Interim Leader when a senior-level leader unexpectedly leaves the organization. Larry’s Bio: Please post comments and questions below in the Comment section. If you would like to have a conversation with Larry, call us at 1-877-576-3370.

3 Types of Quality Systems – Which is right for you?

Quality systems are not just for manufacturers. Every business should have a system for managing the quality of things like ‘customer experience’, for example. In this video, SSI’s Quality expert, Larry Rosborough, shares his thoughts on the practical implementation of quality systems for different types of businesses. Larry’s Bio: SSI Consulting Solutions Website:…

Covid-19 – Larry Rosborough on Leadership

In this video, Larry Rosborough talks about the role of leaders during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Larry’s Bio: Links to reputable information on Covid-19 matters can be found at: Please post comments and questions below in the Comment section.

Quality Management: Built In or Inspected In?

There are a couple of different ways to manage quality and many debates as to the benefits of the various ways. The most economical way in the long run is to build quality in right from the start by involving all employees at all stages. Let’s look at the different approaches suggested in the title.…