Don is a seasoned business professional who began his career in the aviation industry, working first as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for bush flying services in Western Canada, and then in a similar role with the Canadian Coast Guard on the East Coast.  This experience proved pivotal in helping Don learn the importance of root cause problem solving and the value of implementation to ensure that results are actually realized, rather than simply being “good ideas”.

Upon leaving the Coast Guard, Don started his own business which taught Don the importance of focusing on the needs of the customer, and the critical necessity of meeting those needs in the form of long term solutions. This experience has impacted Don’s approach to customer service to this day, and he has become known as an individual with high integrity who provides significant value to his clients.

Don’s desire to help customers make lasting improvements led him to Sprint Canada, as Account Manager for the Atlantic Provinces. While in this role, Don helped introduce new products to new markets in an industry that was known for a more traditional approach, primarily due to the monopolistic nature of the marketplace. Don’s diligence providing high level creative solutions to his customers resulted in him being awarded the Spirit of Sprint Canada Award for Innovation.

Upon leaving Sprint, Don moved on to other opportunities focusing on maximizing customer value, and his customer-centric approach has led to the establishment of long term relationships with his clients that have been proven to stand the test of time.

As Vice President of Business Development at SSI, Don is responsible for helping new clients understand the value of choosing the right consultants to help plan, execute, and deliver on key initiatives that result in providing “real results” on the organization’s bottom line.

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