With employees’ health and well-being of paramount importance in todays work environment, health and safety or personnel issues that arise must be taken seriously and be dealt with in a forthright manner. The goal is always to ensure the issue does not occur again.  To that end proper diagnosis is critical to identifying the root cause and taking proper actions to deal with the problem and prevent a recurrence that are effective, practical and sustainable in the long-term.

Whether its on the Human Resource side or the Workplace Safety side of the equation, impartial investigations need to be done in a timely and professional manner, by a “competent person” as defined by the Canada Labour Code.

SSI Consulting Solutions has an investigative team that has extensive experience conducting workplace investigations on both human resource and workplace safety matters.  Their professionalism, together with their commitment to getting to the root cause along with decades of experience enable them to make recommendations to address the issue(s) in a manner that is effective and workable in a real-world work environment.

To have a conversation about your situation with the leader of our investigative team, call us at +1 877-576-3370.

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