The proverb “Waste not want not” advises people not to waste anything, because they might need it in the future. In business we worry about wasting time and money because it goes right to the bottom line.

Lean Leaders see waste as Enemy Number 1. They categorize waste into 7 or 8 types and then look at their operations with their “waste glasses” on. They look for Transportation (moving stuff, poor layout, extra handling), Inventory (too much WIP of finished goods), Motion (poor work design or poor housekeeping practices), Waiting (for information, material, or approvals), Over-Processing (over-designing or using the wrong tools), Over Production (making too much or doing it too soon), Defects (errors, poor quality, and rework), People (not utilizing their skills, knowledge, and insights). Lean Leaders attack the waste with proven tools and techniques as part of their continuous improvement plan.

Take a minute to view your process through your “waste glasses”… you may be surprised what you see