Mike is an innovative and professional Productivity & Process Improvement leader with over 25 years of experience in successfully assisting both large and small organizations improve their business performance. His experience as a senior manager, as well as his strong leadership skills, allows him to quickly identify opportunities and successfully bring about the required changes.

Process Improvement – Where to Start

Mike Farrell discusses how to get started in operational efficiency improvements. In the video, Mike mentions the Waste Tour Checklist. You can download it and the associated Standard Operating Procedures from our Resources page at https://ssiconsulting.ca/resources/. Mikes Bio: https://ssiconsulting.ca/our-team/mike-farrell/ Please submit comments or questions in the comment section below.

Waste Not Want Not

The proverb “Waste not want not” advises people not to waste anything, because they might need it in the future. In business we worry about wasting time and money because it goes right to the bottom line. Lean Leaders see waste as Enemy Number 1. They categorize waste into 7 or 8 types and then look at their operations with their “waste glasses” on. They look…