Leaders often say that “people are their most valuable asset” but it is really about hiring the right people with the right fit that allows a company to experience long-term sustainability. The importance of fit is key to the recruitment process. When you select people who are going to find the role, the organization, their manager, and the work as meeting their needs, the individual will give their best and want to stay and this will show in the bottom line.

One may say that hiring is easier than it ever was and just a click away with a variety of automat- ed job boards. Is recruiting the right person, that A-player, really that easy? With a war on talent, organizations must understand and recognize the potential in their hires.

Organizations must be clear on what the role must deliver in the first weeks and month, the non-negotiables. If those individuals are in low supply, you need to look for an attitude to learn and have the appropriate mentoring in place in order to get this person up to speed.

Be careful of overpromising and under delivering on what the organization can offer the candi- date. Recruitment is a two-way street where the candidate should be assessing the organizations fit for their work environment, the work itself and the leadership they will be provided.

Hiring must be deliberate and there is a definite correlation between strategy and hiring. The right talent will make this strategy come alive. The competitive advantage for your organization can be a result of focused recruitment of bringing in people who share the organizations’ values, vision and goals.

Do you have what you need to be deliberate in your hiring?

With measures like Interests/ Motivation, Personality, and Abilities all combined into one assessment, you have all you need to ask the appropriate questions during the interview to understand the potential of the candidate. Recruitment requires diligence in order to make the right hire.