Interim Leadership

In this video, Larry Rosborough, President of SSI Consulting Solutions, discusses the benefits of utilizing an Interim Leader when a senior-level leader unexpectedly leaves the organization. Larry’s Bio: Please post comments and questions below in the Comment section. If you would like to have a conversation with Larry, call us at 1-877-576-3370.

Covid-19 – Larry Rosborough on Leadership

In this video, Larry Rosborough talks about the role of leaders during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Larry’s Bio: Links to reputable information on Covid-19 matters can be found at: Please post comments and questions below in the Comment section.

Three Bids and a Buy

Anyone who has been involved in selling goods and services in the business to business environment has undoubtedly come across the scenario where their offering looks good to the customer, yet they are unable to close the deal as the other party in the transaction needs “three bids”. Although this is often unavoidable where public…

Measurement in Business

Over the decades, large amounts of energy produced data banks of information that went relatively unused and consequently unappreciated. New theories in industrial psychology propose that measurement is the only way to manage objectively. Measurement systems must create value with a focus on operational excellence, product/service leadership and customer intimacy. This process helps us to…