A coaching culture expands coaching to a broader scope, impacting the entire organizational structure and energizing all employees from top to bottom.

Improvements can be noted in the following areas:

  • Skill development at all levels
  • Creation of a leadership pipeline
  • Engagement by all employees
  • Retention of employees at all levels
  • Increased business performance

A company that is intentional about integrating a coaching culture as a comprehensive and enterprise-wide approach has the potential to move its entire workforce toward peak performance. Management increases their level of competency which potentially opens the door to peer mentoring resulting in a positive domino effect with increased teamwork. Employees at all levels accept ownership and accountability for their work product and relationships. They require less daily and direct supervision from managers as they develop their skills and strive to reach their full potential.

This propels the company to achieve its top potential due to the focus, positive energy, and attitude of all its workers. Every employee is committed to success. The company reaches its strategic and financial goals with a greatly increased success levels. Is your organization based on a coaching culture?