I often tell people that being a Supervisor was the toughest job I have ever had, while at the same time, being by far the most rewarding.

Although as Supervisors we often feel caught-up between the wants and needs of the Management Team and the wants and needs of the employees, it is truly a role where you have the opportunity to make a significant impact in both the growth of the company, as well as the growth of your fellow employees and team members.

Many Frontline Leaders, however, are unsuccessful due to their inability to prioritize their time, and not focusing on the “big rocks” that are so critical to success in their role. They forget, or are oblivious to the fact, that their role exists in the organizational chart primarily to lead and manage the performance of team members. They get so overwhelmed with daily tasks that they minimize their important leadership activities and, in many cases, spend no time leading their people at all.

Many of you may have heard or seen people demonstrate the theory of focusing on the “big rocks”, or the key important activities. It is simply a matter of properly prioritizing your work. As a Frontline Leader, it is critical to always remember why your job exists, and to ensure that you are dedicating time to your people, and to leading your team. Focus on the big rocks, and don’t deprive yourself of the rewards associated with becoming a high performance leader.