Matt is a value-driven Process Improvement Consultant. Through his experience as a business owner, consultant, coach, and facilitator Matt has developed an efficient method of identifying dysfunctional aspects of workflow, procedures, processes, and developing action plans to sustainably implement the changes. He has worked as an Organizational Designer where he analyzed processes from input to output serving a variety of clients in both manufacturing and service-based industries, both private and public. He has a strong belief that an organization’s number one asset is its people. Matt holds a certificate in Industrial Engineering Technology from NSCC, as well as a Black Belt in LEAN Six Sigma. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their greatest potential and helping them solve their biggest problems.

Understanding Roles and Responsibilities for Any Process

In this video, Matt Zinck tells us an effective and efficient way to analyze the roles and responsibilities for any process by making use of a Roles and Responsibilities Matrix. He runs through a sample to help explain the process. To download the Matrix and its How-to guide, visit our Free Tools page at: