Sales Orders are documents that serve a dual role in the organization’s administrative system. They are generated by the organization after receiving a purchase order from a customers.

Firstly, the Sales Order benefits the customer, as it serves as confirmation that their order has been received, and provides detailed order information such as quantity, price, and delivery. Secondly, Sales Orders benefit the organization by initiating planning, scheduling, the ordering of materials and work force allocation to deliver on the promise to the customer.

These are key planning steps used to ensure that the resources required to meet sales demand are in place, and proactively highlights any concerns which ensures that delivery dates are kept in check.

The use of Sales Orders are a key process step for both the customer and the organization, which helps to ensure that products and services received match what the customer has ordered, and also that those products and services are delivered on time.

In today’s business environment, timely delivery of goods and services has become a key factor in winning new business, so implementing a solid Sales Order process can be a key factor in achieving unprecedented levels of business growth.