An effective JOH&S Committee is one of the most powerful, pro-active tools we have in preventing physical and mental injuries, as well as financial losses, in our workplaces. If for no other reason than having several of our most valued assets, our employees, taking an active hands-on role in identifying and mitigating hazards which reduce the risk of injury, illness and property damage. The challenge we have as employers is to create a positive safety culture that keeps our JOH&S committees motivated and active to add real value to the organization, and not just to meet regulatory requirements.

Here are some key points to keep in mind in relation to your organization’s JOH&S Committee:

  • The function of JOH&S Committee has to be, and demonstrated to be, important to the senior management team
  • Ensure the committee understands their purpose, responsibilities and status within the organization. This is why regular committee training is so important
  • The Committee’s main function is to not only identify hazards and recommend solutions, but also to educate and encourage all other employees to become involved and do their part.

We need to remember, having a positive safety culture leading to exceptional safety performance not only makes us feel good, but is simply good business, and if everybody does a little, no one has to do a lot!