Many managers evaluate the morale of their teams and wonder why they are struggling to improve the overall team environment.

What are you doing currently? Is it working? If not, what needs to be done differently. It doesn’t always mean big changes are required. Do you even know what motivates your team members? Have you asked? Communication is often at the heart of this problem. How often do you take time out of your busy schedule to ask an employee how they are doing or what is new in their personal life? Do you regularly walk amongst your staff just to say “Good morning”. Small gestures go a long way to helping an employee feel they are part of something bigger than themselves and that their manager actually cares. It is those small gestures that support an employee in going the “extra mile” for you and the company because the work is providing more than a financial need. They now have a relationship with their manager which fosters loyalty.

Is there someone in the team who is always negative? Why? One bad apple can really spoil the rest. Have a chat with the individual to see what is driving this behaviour. Demonstrate the appropriate behaviours and lead by example. You can make a difference by showing interest in your employees and taking time to find out what matters to them.