Don is a seasoned business professional who began his career in the aviation industry, working first as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for bush flying services in Western Canada, and then in a similar role with the Canadian Coast Guard on the East Coast. This experience proved pivotal in helping Don learn the importance of root cause problem solving and the value of implementation to ensure that results are actually realized, rather than simply being “good ideas”.

How Lean Can Benefit Custom Fabrication Businesses

With up to 90% of work in low-volume custom fabrication shops being non-value add for the customer, Dan Gibson talks about the opportunity for custom fabrication shops to significantly benefit from implementing a Lean approach to operations. Dan’s Bio: Please post comments and questions below in the Comment section.

Rightsizing Businesses from the Financial and HR Perspectives

In this video, Bernie and Ann talk about rightsizing businesses and acquisitions, from a financial and human resource perspective. Bernie’s Bio: Ann’s Bio: Links to reputable information on Covid-19 matters can be found at: Our Website: Please post comments and questions below in the Comment section.

Covid 19 – Leadership in the ‘New Normal’

Dan Gibson, one of SSI Consulting Solutions leadership experts, offers some advice and insights to leaders as they navigate their organizations through the Covid-19 “new normal”. Dan’s Bio: Links to reputable information on Covid-19 matters can be found at: Please post comments and questions below in the Comment section.

Covid-19 and Workplace Investigations

In this video, Ann Vermette & Larry Rosborough discuss workplace investigations especially in light of Covid-19. They discuss why they might be necessary, as well as some of the things leaders need to consider as they contemplate how to deal with issues that may surface. Ann’s Bio: Larry’s Bio: Links to reputable information…

Covid-19 – Operational Efficiency Issues as Businesses Restart and/or Adapt

In this video Carol Hall & Mike Farrell, SSI’s Operations Specialists, discuss some of the issues businesses need to consider around operational efficiency as they look to restart and/or adapt to the new “normal” of the Covid-19 world we live and work in. Carol’s Bio: Mike’s Bio: Links to reputable information on Covid-19 matters…

Covid-19 Business Questions & Answers

SSI Consulting Solutions is publishing videos of our consultants answering Covid-19 business questions. We will be posting new videos on Mondays and Thursdays.   We currently have 4 videos published on our YouTube channel at The 4 Covid-19 videos are: Introduction to Covid-19 Video Series with Keith Carruthers: Production Safety, with Mike Farrell:…

Resources For Covid-19 Information

The following links contain resources that may be useful to businesses looking for information about Covid-19 programs and information offered by governments and other agencies: Canadian Government Nova Scotia Government New Brunswick Government Prince Edward Island Government Newfoundland and Labrador Government…

Change Needs a Reason

A friend of mine recently joined a company in an executive capacity and helped set them on a new course that is delivering renewed growth. Talking with him about the improvements, he was reluctant to take credit, pointing out that he has an excellent, experienced team supporting him and implementing the changes. While the “experienced…