Keith is a detail oriented Manager and Executive who strives for excellence. His ability to help on the “Lean Journey” is one of his greatest skills. Keith is also a very talented Sourcing Professional who specializes in reducing procurement costs utilizing a global network.

Strategic Technologies
Sean RobertsonPresident, Strategic Technology Associates (Riverview, NB)

Keith and the team at SSI have been working with our organization for the past few years to help us improve our customer delivery times and lower our overall costs. The results have been exceptional, with product flowing through our facility in less than half the time, increasing our ability to satisfy our customers in a timely manner. Their work also brought our team much closer together, working towards a common goal of satisfying our customers.

Our willingness to enter into repeat engagements with SSI is a true testament to the great value we have received from their level of expertise.

Stan ZanisVP of Operations, Novatec Braids Ltd. (Yarmouth, NS)