At SSI Consulting Solutions, our consulting team consists of Executive level practitioners with significant experience, both in the public and private sectors, and in a variety of industries. It is this level of experience that sets us apart from the competition. We have “walked in the customer’s shoes” and have experience facing similar challenges.

Our approach of creating customized solutions that fit unique customer needs ensures we listen and observe the specific issues faced by customers. This approach, although appearing to be common sense, is not that common at all, and is in stark contrast to the normal “cookie cutter” approach that many consultants take, which forces standard solutions to unique challenges, leading to limited results.

At SSI, we do not simply propose and suggest. We are careful to take the time to fully understand the unique challenges, to analyze the associated issues, and to propose practical, workable, solutions that provide value and address root cause. We are also actively involved in the implementation process, ensuring our clients get real results that show up on the bottom line.

Our policy of “fixed price, all in” contracts is our way of sharing in the risk, and committing to the stated deliverables at a guaranteed price – a commitment our customers can count on.

SSI Q1 Q2 2018 Newsletter

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