John Cameron is an innovative and creative Occupational Health & Safety Expert with over 40 years experience in Employee Relations, Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Engineering. His focus on getting to the root cause of the problem, and in establishing a Positive Health and Safety Culture, leads to long-term sustained results for his clients.

John started his career with Scott Paper Maritimes Ltd, then moving on to Michelin Tire (Canada) Ltd, where he spent most of his corporate career. John transitioned to the consulting industry in 1992, where he was eager to share his significant expertise in the area of Occupational Health and Safety with his clients.

John’s unique ability to increase the effectiveness of complex systems through the practical application leveraging employee involvement makes the effectiveness of John’s work stand apart from the competition. The potential of employees working under John’s leadership is significantly enhanced through his effective coaching and management techniques. His ability to communicate and work with individuals with diverse backgrounds and at all levels of an organization is paramount to his success.

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