Dan is a senior management professional with over 30 years of diverse leadership experience. A dynamic leader with a passion for organizational efficiency, he is results oriented, client focused and has a keen interest in the strategic planning process. With decades of practical experience spanning heavy equipment fabrication, high-tech electro-mechanical product manufacturing and the provision of specialized marine services, Dan has established an impressive track record of successfully facilitating business performance and growth objectives.

Dan began his career as a commercial diver in the offshore oil and gas sector. Working with the world’s leading provider of subsea services, Oceaneering International, Dan acquired expertise with a broad range of diving technologies including traditional diving systems, manned submersibles and remotely operated vehicles. During this period, he was also introduced to the global marketplace through work assignments in West Africa, Southeast Asia and the Gulf of Mexico, in addition to the Canadian East Coast.

Following completion of his MBA, Dan transitioned from the offshore industry to the onshore manufacturing sector. During the ensuing thirty years, Dan progressed through a variety of management roles including sales & marketing, quality assurance, project management, global business development and ultimately General Management. As a direct result, Dan is well versed with the multiplicity of elements associated with managing and growing a profitable business – in particular, the vital importance of training and developing teams throughout an organization who are aligned with the company’s overall strategic objectives.

Since the early 1990’s Dan has been directly involved with the Total Quality Management movement. His hands-on experience ranges from leading companies through the ISO 9000 registration process, implementing lean manufacturing initiatives, training staff on productivity improvement tools and developing departmental key performance indicators based on the balanced scorecard methodology. Having earned the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and Project Management Professional (PMP) designations, Dan’s training approach is thorough, well-structured and focused on measurable results.

Drawing on his extensive national and international business development experience, spanning European, South American, Middle and Far Eastern markets, Dan also brings a global perspective to his clients. This exposure, coupled with his wide-ranging leadership skill set, has positioned Dan well to help his clients streamline their business processes, improve their competitiveness and enhance their bottom-line results.

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